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Pyramid Urban Homes 2 Affordable Housing Sector 86 Gurgaon

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Ramsons Kshitij Apartment Affordable housing sec 95 Gurgaon

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MAXWORTH AFFORDABLE HOUSE SECTOR 89 Gurgaon Location Sector 89 , Gurgaon. Land Area 5.52 Acres Apartment Size 745 sq.ft (645 sq.ft carpet area + 100 sq.ft  balcony  area) Apartment Type 2 BHK Basic Sale Price (Apartment/Balcony) Rs. 4000 / Rs. 500 per sq ft  Basic Cost 645 sq. ft :Rs. 2580000/- 100 sq ft : Rs 50000/- Total –…


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Mahendra Affordable Shantimaa sector 91 Gurgaon

  Location Map    Site Plan     Floor Plan Mahendra Promoters Pvt. Ltd Offers Apartments under the “Affordable Housing Policy – 2013”, Govt. Of Haryana in Sector – 91/92, Gurgaon.  Investment Starts from Rs.20.50 ( 2 BHK – 500 Sq.ft + 100 sq.ft Balcony )   Builder name:  “ Mahendra Promoters Pvt. Ltd.” Land area: 10 Acres Floor:  G+6 Location: Sector 91…

Supertech Basera Affordable Housing at Sector 79 Gurgaon

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