AVL Infra 36A Gurgaon Huda Affordable Sector 36A Gurgaon


AVL Infra 36A Gurgaon Huda Affordable Sector 36A Gurgaon. AVL 36 Gurgaon of AVL Infrastructure, a luxurious and prestigious residential development having 1BHK and 2BHK apartments under HUDA GOVT AFFORDABLE HOUSING SCHEME Projects GURGAON. View details of AVL 36 Gurgaon in Sector 36A, Gurgaon by AVL Infrastructure such as price, floor plans, specifications, possession date and amenities

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AVL36 Infra Construction Status Sector 36A Gurgaon

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PROJECT BRIEF- AVL Infra 36A Gurgaon Huda Affordable Sector 36A Gurgaon

Licence File ID- LC-3036A & LC-3036B
Diary No.- CTP/57733 & CTP/13196
Developer Name- AVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Area (Acre) – 9.07
Dev. Plan- Gurgaon
Sector No.- 36A
Present Status- Licence issued on 01/08/2014. Building Plans approved on 27/08/2014. Dwelling Units-1480

1 BHK start from 13.73 LAC

2 BHK start from 24.70 Lac

AVL 36 Gurgaon Complex is truly planned abode of peace ………. aloof from civic menace. Serenity and meticulously landscaped verdure is the hallmark of the complex, which is just an extension of the expansive Nature.  Within the gated complex, there are gardens, pathways, flowerbeds, sports zones and jogging tracks that constitute the lovely landscape and add to the lifestyle in the campus.

Well planned and designed “AVL 36 Gurgaon” is a delightfully purposed multi-story Affordable residential complex spanning nine acres of prime land in the Delhi’s pre-eminent satellite city, Gurgaon as per Terms & Conditions of Haryana Government Affordable Housing Policy-2013, policy more details available at www.tcpharyana.gov.in.For detailed terms and conditions, refer The complex comprises one and two bedroom(s) apartments, totalling 1480 flats. The project is a paradigm of affordable modern living. Mr. Virender Dhanda, a distinguished architect is the brain and motivation behind the project’s architectural detailing and development. With quality construction materials and using modern construction technology, the apartments are spacious and qualitatively superior,  eco-friendly, Meticulously laid-out and Surprisingly very affordable in Cost.

Affordability is not necessarily a reflection of economy. Optimum mobilization of resources in addition to experience and expertise in construction has come into play in “AVL 36 Gurgaon”. From layout of exteriors to the precise architecture of apartments and interior spaces, there is a charming liveliness achieved in the complex.  The delightful spaces ensure that all apartments are airy with adequate cross-ventilation and receives maximum sunshine, elevating the experience of good living in affordable cost.

The Interiors, Furnishings & finishing shown in the images are for artistic and conceptual purposes only, not any legal offering.

There is never a dull moment for the residents of “AVL 36 Gurgaon” with so much of out-door sports activities to indulge in. Besides walking and jogging along the course of well-stretched tracks, various sports facilities beckon the citizenry to unwind itself.  Additionally there are special zones for kids where they can ramp and riot freely within the security of well-guarded premises. The Yoga and Meditation buffs have their own zone oozing of tranquillity and divinity.

Sr. No. File ID Year Lic No Date Developer Name Area (acre) Sector Colony Name 1 LC-3036A 2014 18 10/06/2014 AVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 5.00 36A AVL INFRA GUR- 36A AHP 2 LC-3036B 2014 74 01/08/2014 AVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 4.07 36A AVL INFRA GUR- 36A AHP

Price list

Apartment Type and Area

  • 1 BHK Type 1 – 337 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 49 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 1 BHK Type 2 – 357 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 49 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 1 BHK Type 3 – 370 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 71 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 1 BHK Type 4 – 402 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 32 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 1 BHK Type 5 – 412 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 31 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 1 BHK Type 6 – 463 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 36 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 2 BHK Type 1 – 606 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 91 Sq Ft of Balcony
  • 2 BHK Type 2 – 635 Sq Ft of Carpet Area + 91 Sq Ft of Balcony

Booking amout- 5% and Cheque/ DD for Booking Amount in favour of “AVL Infrastructure (Pvt.) Ltd.